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We have embraced and implemented a Quality Management system that complies not only with domestic standards but also with international standards.

Our Quality Assurance engineering team is always committed to meet these standards because Finlay Brushware Ltd never compromises on the quality expected by our customers.

Finlay Brushware Ltd - Quallity Assurance
Finlay Brushware Ltd - Bare copper.j

In order for all our products to qualify for the Standardization mark from KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) and BSi (British Standards), the production of our Cables, Paint-brushes and Rubber products selects the highest quality raw materials.

Quality check-points are staged at every step of the production.

All finished products finally proceed through final testing that requires advanced testing equipment.

BSI British Standards

As we progress into the modern world of advanced technology and industrial evolution, we are consistently enhancing our Research and Development team by training them to constantly attain better quality products and guaranteeing safety at its finest. 

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